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Welcome in  
"Center the MIR of сhildren"!

Methods of Intellectual development (Razvitie - rus.) of children)

         The site is intended for those who wants, that their children or schoolboys, should have achieved the greatest possible results of intellectual development, formation both development of abilities and talents during all age of the child: from 0 till 18 years.

        By 2000 in practice and in the mass order is reproduced, results apparent on the first view improbable. So, is fixed, that at acquaintance of both parents to system the MIR, at normal, optimum development the child reads the first words and puts them to 12 month, will take possession of a musical notation and freely reads, rather tolerably counts up to 100 and writes dictations by two years. Further successes at the careful parents are received the following:    High school the child ends to 9 - 10 years, receives the first diploma of high school in the age of 12 - 14 years, combining all this with perfect physical development.

        Thus, to teenage and youthful age your child can complete a complete educational cycle, and to decide teenage, and then and family problems at other level. There is a huge reserve of time for various kinds additional both professional  education and strengthening of health of the child.

        Are those on today is scientific the reasonable results, theoretically predicted by many issued teachers very much for a long time, about it especially interested can find materials on our site.

        But for the majority of the parents main consists not in it, and that to the present time is developed and the integrated technology is verified in practice which is adapted for conditions of usual family. Moreover, the new system of alternative education is already prepared which spares expenses of the parents more, than twice, that children become, by present ratings, child prodigies and " the future geniuses ", which further who will understand, they, actually.

        Since 1958 by our purpose was save up time - most expensive, that is at the man, at the child, maximum to develop his natural abilities and to harden health. Therefore teachers - innovators worked together: P.V. Tiulenev, B.P. Nikitin, V.F. Shatalov, N.A. Zaitsev, in one direction. It is possible to name it: the fundamental pedagogics and education from 0 till 18 years,   At first it was in absentia, and last years in a composition of Association of the teachers - innovators, which initiator was the company АОDE - Academy of Optimum Development and Education. On all country at us thousand followers have appeared, and of the parents and to not count.         

        The separate references use hundred thousand parents, from the simple parents, up to the academicians and all of the known politicians. However, systematically visiting Center and downloading the new information, you can receive the information "at first-hand" in the most complete and not distorted kind. Still large advantage you receive referring us questions and offers, as there is nothing of performance, more useful to quality, of the information, than feedback with you, parents, who daily by and large decides tens   Problems, preserving and developing most precious, that there is on ground - children, a future of Russia.

        I shall notice only, that on our site we are not stopped on intermediate techniques and results, on casual lucky finds and receptions, and we exhibit only such methods, which give the maximal results as a whole. Therefore let many self-denying tutors and parents do not take offence at us, but let send the finds: we shall register them in author's fund is in any case, and впоследствии we shall publish. And if will be fixed, that it is the new and essential contribution to science about the man - that we can in every possible way maintain the interested researchers, for example,   Competitors of scientific degrees, authors of the books etc.

        Are sure, that at attentive acquaintance here you will find the answers to all questions on the most progressive methods of education and education of children. Criterion of this progressivity is only practice. You can get acquainted with the brief summary of your possible best achievements parenting. If that remained, in your opinion obscure, immediately write to us about your doubts and offers. It is necessary once and for all to finish by lag of Russia in the field of preparation of the future Nobel winners...

          In Center the resources and information on all spectrum of development, education and formation of children available decisions on problems will be concentrated,   Which were debated with the parents since 1989, when the first results of methods of system the MIR - which were received was framed as system of methods of optimum development of children in the age of from 0 till 18 years.
        System the MIR does not contradict existing techniques of a forwardness, but is free from their lacks or mistakes, frequently just she(it) emphasizes denominations of those or other references, but main, allows precisely to define time and expediency of use of that or other method or manual. Many modern methods of the ingenious teachers - практиков are a special case of system the MIR, and it only hardens their positions.

The note. Got acquainted with system the MIR the users (family, parents, the organizations) will receive the information on the new programs and manuals. In process of readiness and mutual assistance they   Will receive access to seven levels of developed kinds of service,   To the specialized web-sites and other resources.

          The parent who has taken possession of resources of system the MIR, becomes всемогущим: for him(it) cease to exist what - or unsoluble problems of education and formation of children. A secret of this power consist that such parents understand and can act according to "laws" of system the MIR.

The main sections of a site for the parents

The following:

The books of a series 1 " the System of optimum education and formations" - while, unfortunately, yet was not possible them to prepare for the publication in the Internet

The books of a series 2 " to Each family - gifted children " - book on development of abilities and talents of children;

Kinds of service - complex of services for rendering assistance on development and education of children, which is frameed, and which, undoubtedly, will substitute existing methodical system applied in before-school and school establishments;

Parent University the MIR - employment, lectures and seminars for the parents, with which subjects it is necessary to get acquainted even that by the eyes to see, that, basically, you can make for your children.

It is recommended "to download" these pages and gradually, to master, travelling from the links to the link.

For the teachers and tutors

In addition аre intended:

The books of a series 3. Fundamental pedagogics of the book on modern, efficient to pedagogics;

The books of a series 4. Intellectika - of the book and materials on Intellectiks - science about development of intellect. Since the first large works on mass testing of intellect (Bine etc.), through construction of tens patterns of intellect, the theoretical and practical psychology has saved almost centenary experience and huge actual material. It is quite enough of it to be issued to isolated directions in science, independent and most necessary for mankind, - intellectiks. As its results everyone can almost at once see at itself, in the family, in group school - children.

Do, and let you are accompanied by success!

        As an introduction material you can copy the electron version of the book " How to develop children gifted? " - brief review of the basic methods.

On a site is present:

- The library set of the names under the most progressive pedagogical literature for the parents and teachers, which gradually will replenish;

- Business in the Internet - the links till business - resources and prepared much another, that the parents did not overlook(forget) about practice, child for the future enterprise activity;

- Any other business - various materials, report, news, idea - in general(common), дайджест of news yet not structured information.

The following operating procedure with a site is recommended:

1. To copy to itself this page  

2. Is quiet, In an independent regimen to read all summaries of sections of a site

3. To see(overlook) and to copy the necessary materials.

4. To direct, not postponing, us the offers, wishes, questions - if you want, that all your problems should be decided, and the purposes - are achieved.

5. Remember, that the main practical purpose of the parents should become the individual program of development and fundamental education of the child. To live, to work, to dream, to sleep and to rise it is necessary having this program, improving it in process of new wishes.

6. If you - principal or whose agent - that of the company or school, best way to survive and to prosper - closely to cooperate, or to become simultaneously and agent of system the MIR - from it and you and your company only will win, you see on - essence, system the MIR - result not only psychologies and computer science, but also more than 40 years of huge work and struggle for the future of children of such great teachers - innovators, as B.P. Nikitin, V.F. Shatalov, N.A. Zaitsev and many others, продолжателей of business ingenious основоположников of innovative pedagogics and social adaptation Y.A. Komensky and A.S. Makarenko, ideas and which methods which despite of all persecutions, distortion and the difficulties have managed to stand. But, main for you, as the businessman, it that from it will be won by(with) the parents and children.

The summary and summaries of sections of a site

To your attention are offered:

The important remarks for the parents and tutors;

Briefly about the most issued opening in sciences about the child;

        Parents and teachers, managers both other experts and principals wishing immediately to participate in this, on our view,    Extremely to important work "Drafts", " the Invitations to cooperation ", and others can familiarize with our pages.

        The system of parent service, is planned and gradually is entered in practice,   They covers seven    Kinds of service and attending, including each child, on a cycle from 0 till 18 years:

- Advisory, employment(occupation) with his(its) parents, senior parents and interested cognates;

- Help in a developing leaving(care) and engineering of the program of development of the child from 0 till 18 years;

- Development of abilities and training of children in the preschool period;

- Development of abilities the school period;

- Receiving higher education;

- Workarrangement;

- Creation of family;

- Protection of the rights of the parents and children.

The resources of system the MIR to the full become accessible to the addressed and registered families, in process of development by the parents of production and services of Center. Differently to you simply to not follow promptly developing practice of optimum development of the child.

        The new facts from a history of system the MIR and struggle for the rights of children on free development in Russia and in USA, including founded on your reports   - will be resulted here.

        It is necessary to you to know, that the teachers is open affirm, that the traditional pedagogics is found in a status of searches   Output(exit) from crisis, and many scientists recognize, that modern problems the existing education system is not capable to decide. Unfortunately, in official pedagogics political settings and doctrines, instead of facts   And scientific bases till now prevail of a different sort.

        The materials of a site will prepare you:

- To the decision of a task of the maximal development of potential of the child, family and own, maybe, yet not disclosed   Possibilities;

- To participation in Discussions on new technologies the MIR in education;

- To optimum use of Resources of formation(education);

- To new подходям in the decision of problems of development of the family with use the Internet.

        At each family and at each man - starting platform. As the development of intellect has essential features, for their account and analysis, it will be expedient to you to visit such pages, as: registration of the participant, most often questions and some other (even in the event that they аlso are not completed).

        For you and your children we plan to organize clubs, society, organization the MIR necessary for an exchange by experience, informing and services. Send your wishes and offers.

        If you will not complicate, specify, please, your variant of the answer a question: you trust or small children - genius heard when or that?

        While for dispatch to us of the reports use email: larisa msk.net.ru

Yes, heard and believe, heard Is not present, did not hear, but I believe did not hear, and I do not believe

      What on a question about possible geniuosly baby the leaders of pedagogics of leaving century respond? Recollecting the half-age-old struggle and searches they affirm: " we too, firstly, not quite trusted, have not verified yet. Now parents can not lose time, and to act, applying the verified methods and references. "

Prepare the most complex(difficult) questions

        Sectioning, clubs and the organizations of Center have the verified technologies allowing to answer on!many(much,мmany), counted unsoluble in traditional psychology and pedagogics questions. For example, following.

Question: whether it is possible to frame such developing medium and    To bring up so, what your child will become the genius?

The answer: you was lucky(carry), because only recently on this question the positive answer is received: it is stipulated in system the MIR. The similar answers are given by(with) the progressive teachers in USA, to Japan...

        Due to system the MIR, this accessible to each parent both teacher to system of techniques and receptions of acceleration of intellectual and physical development, children become the owners of unique, phenomenal abilities.

       Long - term researches and the checks have shown, that children   With ease can master in early age very much.

       During excursion on Center the answers to these and other similar questions about will cease for you to be a secret for family by presses. Seven storks - flamingo, which are represented on ours логотипе, will open to you seven secrets of efficient development of intellect.

          Adjust and for itself a rod повыше - here!

Where to go further what to look?

        Certainly, our site is even far before end, we were decided on its publication, that in Russia transition from Homo Sapience to Homo Advanced - Man Advanced was committed faster. We consider on indulgence of the most exacting parents, as we consider, that it is impossible to lose any day: time are abilities of your children, and we hope to receive your remarks and offers on improvement of a web-site (alas, for the present on email).

        Though the basic links are found for convenience of the parents on the top panel of navigation, here we moreover some links for faster Web-surfing:

- Our purposes; -

- Structural sectionings; -

- Form of co-operation;

- Development and prospects;

- Callings back and wishes; - while only e-mail

- Administration;

- Electron shop MIR-Shopnet; -! For the present in reconstruction

- Conference;

- Production;

- Self-registration and offers; 
- while only through e-mail

- Society, organization

- Resources of intellectual and social development;

And much another, that you, probably, will not meet more anywhere in the world. Main for you, certainly, possibility to receive in the family high   Results and to minimize expenses.

        In the general view so to tell, at a state level it is possible to name our program: " Developing children - is developed Russia " and, in what - that of a degree, all parents in it(her) participate.

Go to begin / To the beginning of viewing

On this page the systematically extended resources on system the MIR will be presented

- Of methods of Intellectual Development advisable Association of the teachers - innovators, the program of which activity is developed with assistance of firm АОР in St. Petersburg in 1997.   The tutors and teachers took part famous known by the works both opening in organization APN in different time B.P. Nikitin, P.V. Tyulenev, N.A. Zaitsev, V.F. Shatalov.

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