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Optimal Early Education-development of childrens
Pavel Tyulenev. Intellektika.

Press Release 4


Notes: We ask to excuse us for ours while imperfect English - we are constrained to use computer translation.

Dear editor and journalists of the issuing, аnd as the principals: the president of the country, minister of education, mayors of cities!

Your readers, subscribers and citizens can be interested by(with) the sensational information on the most important humanitarian opening in the field of general education.

In many countries of the world the results are received which stake on the agenda engineering of the program of transition from traditional methods of training and K-12 to more progressive educational technologies. It is known, that traditional training, and the more so entered in some countries "K-12" at schools is criticized by an appreciable part of teachers on the ground that these educational systems essentially reduce intellectual, creative and economic potential of the society.

We would like to receive the callings back from you and your readers on that subject, which leaves nobody indifferent and requires(demands) active participation. We direct you the following brief materials (press releases):

1. Disgraceful end "K-12"

2. There is no problem "gifted" - there was a problem of correct development of the child

3. Russia: children are capable to receive a higher education in the age of 12 years! An optimum - per 18 years.

4. The parents of all countries be consolidated for release of abilities and talents of children!

5. Most remarkable humanitarian opening of century?

6. What to do to the parents for development of children talented and gifted?


1. Disgraceful end "K-12"

Similar, with questions about K-12 training at school the near future will be finished: the methods of education have appeared new, efficient and accessible not only teachers, but also parents: system the MIR. The pedagogical community is found in a mild shock and in every possible way ignores this event: in Russia since 1997 in higher educational institutions the students in the age of 9 - 11 years already study! The silence and remains deposited what here within ten years everywhere in Russia children with pleasure begin freely to read ... Since two years, write dictations, print the own compositions...

These and other results of system "of Methods of intellectual development (rus: razvitie)" (MIR), offered Academy of the teachers - innovators after forty years of researches and approbation, become the honest answer of the independent Russian teachers and American doctors on absurd and catastrophic on the consequences idea of augmentation of terms of secondary education for two years. In pedagogical shop confusion and the confusion, prevails, directly we shall tell, strange, though also quite understandable reaction: "you leave the teachers without work!". But with the facts will not argue: it appears, on the contrary, at reduction of time of stay of children at school twice, the results of their mental and physical development surpass everything, that was known about a forwardness of the issued people and even of the geniuses of mankind. Certainly, in new the MIR - education the methods of training should be more adapted for children's mentality and age features, and the released time will allow divide classes. Besides the new education system will allow in hundreds time to increase employment of the teachers and tutors in sphere " of family education ", which becomes now accessible not only for an average class, but also for needy families. Accordingly, the need for subjects of additional education raises, so teacher without work will not stay, faster on the contrary - the suiting exit of the decision of a problem of unemployment among the teachers is found all.

The facts testify, that "К-12" enlarges almost by twenty percents of an expense of the parents and state, simultaneously promoting дебилизации, наркотизации, rate of sickness of the population in some times. It it is a lot of if to take into account, that, for example, in USA, in Russia and in other countries the cooperative expenses for education constitute about half of all state budget. The supporters "K-12" as though that fact does not concern, that each rouble of expenses on reform, offered them, will bring in subsequent more than twenty roubles of the losses, and also, that is even more terrible, she(it) conducts to irreversible degradation to changes in the personality "K-12 school boys". Last with неумолимостью follows from the law NUVERS, formulated B.P. Nikitin. Let's remind, that this law " of Irreversible Decrease of Possibilities of Efficient Development of Abilities " with age of the child was put forward and is reconfirmed by practice of the Russian teachers - innovators in the beginning of the 70-th years. As a result of delay of a beginning of training in preschool age and tightening of terms of receiving of formation(education), the general educational level is sharply reduced, all demographic parameters in the country fall practically, as социализация of children is artificial restrains, does not correspond(meet) to natural terms of a puberty. The system "K-12 of training ", apparently, will enter a history as the most terrible weapon on destroying and restraint of development of the states.

2. There is no problem одаренности - there was a problem of correct development of the child

The offered new system of education and education on a basis the MIR reduces expenses, maximum takes into account psychology and age features of the child, and is realized by a way use of the several integrated games covering about thirty subjects and? a little bit(some) of creative trades. She(it) includes the references on development of the child for all ages, from 0 till 18 years. The results are received by the Russian teachers by the innovators per 60 years, and in 1989 in Russia for the first time in the world the new methods of game training of children to reading, mathematics, music etc. since birth were realized, during a developing care of the child. The basic concepts and documents are published in the several books, magazine clauses, the techniques are defended by the inventor's certificates. The results of check of system the MIR by parents have appeared phenomenal: children with pleasure begin to read to age полутора - two years, to five master the program of an elementary school, and so on. The expenses of time and remedies have appeared in tens time below, than, for example, program of preschool development G. Douman and others. But most important, in opinion of the parents and psychologists - general level of development and gifted of such children sharply has increased. Today in Russia consider: " there was no problem gifted, there was a problem of correct development of children! ".

3. Higher education - till eighteen years?

At last - that comes true dream of all parents: to have time(be in time) всесторонне to prepare children for lawful age, to independent life. The final pays, conducted by the economists, rather impress: the new education system will require three times less time and remedies for development of existing school and maximum education programs, so-called " of the educational standards ".

What results of long-term tests? Has passed already about thirty years since the teachers - innovators in Russia have reduced in the classes terms of training to mathematics three times, and on geometry and stereometry - five times at excellent mastering (V.F. Shatalow). Nevertheless, tens positive reports about checks of the Ministry of Public Education and did not become property of a wide public. Even more impress successes in preschool education: on a technique B.P. Nikitin children of seven years act in the fourth class, and "первоклассники", developing on system the MIR P.V. Tyulenew  can begin to be engaged at once under the program of the fifth or seventh class of usual school. The durability of mastering of knowledge on techniques of the innovators in twenty years has appeared much above, than after usual methods of training. Therefore, in 1998, by considering on the offer P.V. Tyulenew the offered new educational standards, the Academy of the teachers - innovators has made conclusion about a possibility and readiness of transition for realization of the draft of a general free-of-charge higher education to 18 - 20 years. The consent immediately to begin work was received from всемирно of the known teachers В.Ф. Шаталова, Б.П. Никитина (- mind(wit). In January, 1999), Н.А. Зайцева, and the appropriate offers were directed in legislative and executive boards of authority(power), and in October, 1998 were approved in government of Russia. However new management Ministry of Education has renewed attempts to keep pernicious for the country of reforms directed on rise in price of formation(education). It is possible to understand efforts of the officials to provide with the salary of the teachers, but it is impossible to forgive long-term absence with what - or work on raise of quality and scientific level of services, rendered to the population. The huge expenses for pedagogical science have resulted in a result in negative result, to lowering, if so it is possible to be expressed, labour productivity. There is no doubt that eventually, the common sense will conquer and working for the present on itself the education system in Russia again will turn in enlightening system.

It is obvious, that the begun work on realization of system the MIR has the international character: the educational complexes in all countries need to be resulted in conformity with modern achievements of science and experience, if certainly, these states are going to develop and to survive the next blepharon. All above speaked will allow, at last, to realize in practice декларированное in the General Assembly, accepted the 44-th session, of the United Nations " the Conventions on the rights of the child ", right of children on " development of the personality, talents both mental and physical abilities of the child in their most complete volume " (Item 29, item 1, a). Therefore it is obvious, that the information on opening immediately concerns all and is priority. It is important, that she(it) was lead up to each parent, was by a subject of all-round discussion and has become a part общечеловеческой of culture.

The information on these results and the free-of-charge resources on a new education system are accessible in Internet, for example: http://rebenokh1.narod.ru.

To estimate the social importance of a new education system, it is enough to note, that the fundamental break, perhaps, in the most conservative area of human activity is made. It is well known, as earlier many experts marked catastrophic lag of traditional education systems from modern achievements of psychology and other sciences. So, the large scientists valued terms of lag of pedagogics from other areas of science in 250, and even 300 years. The progress in pedagogics was prevented by high labour input of offered new pedagogical systems doing (making) hight intellectual  education of children with business !few (little,ifew) selected, provided families, and also natural conflict of interests of the large social groups.

4. The parents of all countries - be consolidated for release of talents of children!

Is striking, but fact: the education system is unique(sole) area, where the manufacturer of services to itself defines quality. Not the society of the parents, and the teachers for themselves think out the so-called programs and standards. They accept examinations. Since 17 - го of a blepharon the pedagogical community does not suppose even conversations on body height of productivity and quality of the work.

The representatives expense of a wing of the teachers, original "луддизма" or "чартизма", movement against progress in a name of employment in pedagogics especially handicapped with introduction innovations and development of education. Many decades controlling the selected budgetary remedies, asserting the rights of the teachers, principals of education have appeared objectively interested in restraint of progress, in lowering a learning efficiency. It is natural, that the engineerings directed on a substantiation of augmentation of expenses, on deception of funding bodies were funded only. Besides, till now in many countries the education is supervised "by(with) the teachers - iintercomers", sincerely convinced, that talents and geniuses in the country should not be much.

Actually, hostages traditional, затратных, and now and сверхзатратных (двенадцатилетки or K-12) methods of training from old times of steel all layers of the society, and the process of reforms in education systems has appeared is stopped for centuries. Moreover, owing to monopoly, existing many years, "expensiv of methods" the schools are actually transformed into original factories of suppression of abilities and talents of children, that is, become antidemocratic frames, where the human right on the greatest possible development of abilities is to the greatest degree offended against.

Between that, attempt those who aspires to legalize the hidden mass operation of children in the interests, proceed. However, the parents having united, are capable to defend the rights of children. For example, in USA was given resolute rebuff in 1994 to the correction to the law on formation(education), which actually abrogated the right of the parents on family education outside of school - such families there more полутора of millions.

In Russia are accepted most демократичные the laws, according to which the parents have the right to give education, including, accelerated rates in any form, and children can pass examinations in the form экстерната. Besides the agrees of the order Ministry of Education Russian Federation from 27.06.94. N 225, the parents can invite the teachers, to receive free-of-charge educational literature, and as compensation that give the child education in home conditions, in volume of the remedies selected with the state. By the same order is fixed, that individual pedagogical activity, just as in USA, is not licensed, and the educational standards act uniform for all forms of training. A possibility of receiving of education in the form externat in Russia on system the MIR have also citizens of other states, as the methodical base does not depend on the concrete contents of the programs.

The opening of the teachers - innovators in a combination to the progressive legislation, in opinion of polyhabit spasms and public figures, obviously, allow to speak, that there comes the new period, age of the Man Advanced (Homo Advanced). With introduction of system the MIR the huge possibilities and prospects open. The essential updatings in the legislation are necessary. Especially it is referred to developing of the countries "of the third world", by which are referred about hundred states, members of the United Nations. These states did not maintain burden of high cost offered him(it) before educational services.

Overcoming of monopoly of the supporters затратных of methods in education - most urgent task of all progressive public forces last year of a leaving blepharon.

5. Most remarkable humanitarian opening of a blepharon?

The surprising facts are supervised and in a history of pedagogics, which experts persistently do not notice that fact, that the traditional education system till now did not realize even many essential references Y.Кomensky (demand to a level of preparation of children 6-oe of years, " the training plays " at school, and others), published by him in "Great Didactica" in 1657!

If to value prognosticated consequences, it is no doubt that the system the MIR liberating abilities and talents of children, will become one of the main events leaving тысячелетия. She(it) perfects half-age-old, disinterested and hard struggle of the progressive teachers, psychologists and doctors of Russia, USA, Japan and other countries with the unscientific approaches to construction of state education systems, will become one of the main events of a leaving blepharon. In social and intellectual sphere it is comparable(compared), probably, to release of energy of a nuclear core in physics, invention of the printed machine tool or computers in the field of information services.

As the young teachers consider the released time allows to give more attention to physical development, strengthening of health of children, enables to master skills of creativity, art and musical trades, computer technologies, business and others, on which there was no time earlier. Thus, there is a reality a free-of-charge higher education for all wishing. As it is expected, at a proper correlation of preparation of the creative staff, on the one hand, and experts of an enterprise structure, with another, system the WORLD will result in raise of business activity both cultural and standard of life of the population, to lowering unemployment and non-productive expenses. The appropriate programs were included in the draft of reform of education systems, which the representatives of series of the countries have become interested in. Certainly, for training the teachers from various continents the seminars and policies are organized, however it is necessary to frame regional centers for advisories of the parents and retraining of the workers of formation(education).

6. What to do to the parents for development of children talented and gifted?

We realize, that in conditions, when aspiration everywhere prevails to enlarge expenses and incomes, the concepts and антизатратных of reforms look донкихотством, бесприбыльным employment(occupation). However, in this case speech goes about liquidation of the antihumane phenomenon: actual and ruthless operation of children in interests of the supporters of unrestrained rise in price of educational services. The universal diffusion of existing unscientific methods preschool and school education weakens health of children, programs enormous intellectual, creative losses of the society, huge expenses of the parents, taxpayers. We have got used to hear, that it is not enough of the remedies selected on of formation(education), but a little who can name cooperative digit: for example, in 1987 in USA she(it) constituted more than 46 percents from the budget! We, certainly, too for augmentation of investments in social sphere, but against payment of harm, наносимого to children, future citizens by out-of-date educational technologies.

In conditions, when in all countries for the expired half-blepharons on антизатратные methods was not allocated cent of grantings, we hope for your comprehension, parent responsibility for the future of children and your information support.

In connection with engineering the new, more efficient concept of formation(education) for UNESCO, with the purpose of creation of a new infrastructure and international draft laws of a new education system, I offer to finish up to your readers worded results of the progressive teachers, to help your readers to take part in wide, democratic discussion of problems and decisions, which will render immediate influence on the future of children, economy, policies and bionomics of their next medium обитания and development.

With the purpose of more efficient scheduling on introduction of a new education system in various regions, I ask to help us to receive callings back and offer from those parents and teachers, who knows, develops and trains children, grandsons under the references of system the MIR "To read, - earlier, than to go" and another, on which left for the last years of the book, telecasts. It is important to reveal a degree подготовленности of the population to transition to new educational thinking, as it reputes conducting defined of serious enlightening work among the parents.

Besides we shall be very grateful for the callings back and offers from those who uses in education of children the references and techniques B.P. Nikitin (Б.П. Никитин), N.A.Zaitsew (Н.А. Зайцев), V.F. Shatalow (В.Ф. Шаталова) (Russia), G. Douman (Г. Домана) (USA), S. Lupan (С. Лупан) (France), M. Montessory (M. Монтессори) (Italy), K. Vitte (К. Витте) (Germany), Sh. Syzuki (Ш. Сузуки), M. Ibuka (М.Ибука)  (Japan), as these engineerings help the parents to master system the MIR.

I ask to leave the offers and answers on the site: http://rebenokh1.narod.ru 
or E-Mail: aoser@mail.ru ; tyulenev@chat.ru 

The callings back are necessary for executing works, for preparation of the decisions of many existing problems and organization of enlightening work.

Irrespective of your position on the construed questions, if you will be interested in receiving the information of the rather further events, you can subscribe for reception ours пресс - релизов monthly on a E-Mail, to get acquainted with materials of special news in press - center of our site.

Sincerely yours, with a wish of successes, Pavel Victorovich Tyulenev,

the president of Association of the teachers - innovators, lecturer and adviser, author of the books:

"How to speed up intellectual development of the child? " (1995), "To read - earlier, than to go" (1996), series of the books"To Each family - gifted children " (1998), "How to develop enterprise talents?" and others.

The e-mail address: aoser@mail.ru  ;

WEB: http://rebenokh1.narod.ru .

Telephones: 634-01-06, моб.: 8-926-799-85-22


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